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For further product/pricing information feel free to contact me. Wholesale inquiries also welcome. Please have business information and tax numbers ready as well as shipping info, pick up info, or delivery dates and payment options. The payment options we accept are Visa, MasterCard and E-Transfer.

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-All birdhouses are fully functional as each one has separate compartments that can be cleaned. Depending on style either the roof, back or bottom unscrews to open each compartment. This is one of the most important pieces of information for customers.

-The houses attract small to medium size birds including Wrens, Nuthatches, Chickadees and Finches. Certain houses such as gable house, longhouse and gothic church will also attract Purple Martins.

-In order to prevent vintage wood and tin from aging, spray the wood and tin with an exterior clear polyurethane.

-To mount the birdhouses either use an L bracket or unscrew base, screw base on a piece of wood set house on top of attached base and re-screw. Birdhouses can also be mounted on a pole and some styles will also hang.

-Size, shape, design are always consistent but colour will vary. I never paint ceiling tin; they are always original colour. Therefore, the only colour I can promise is white. However, if there are certain colour not desired state that and those colour on houses will be avoided.

Most materials range from 40 to 100 years old. Materials I use include original colour, embossed ceiling tin, panel doors, barn roofing, lightening rod wire, pine, spindles, sap pails, trim, baseboard, antique hardware, and sap spiels.

-Door knob hangers are secure enough for heavy coats and robes. If rust is a concern they can also be sealed with a clear polyurethane spray. Tin colour and patterns will vary.

-All botanical trim frames are of vintage house trim.
Wood frames come in cream and white. The flowers in the botanical pictures will always vary, but will be sent out in sets that go together if multiple pictures are ordered. However if there is a certain colour that will not work please specify and efforts will be made to comply.
All framed botanical and mirrors are professionally framed and finished.

-Ugly fish sell best when grouped in a “school”. Regarding colour, it’s best to order an assortment, and state if certain colour need to be avoided. Displayed in a school of 10 to 12 seems to be the most successful for multiple purchases.

-This is a “green” company, and 100% Canadian made.

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