Collection: Tin Products

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  • Single door knob coat hook
  • Antique embossed tin oval mirrors
  • Antique embossed tin swallows
  • Antique embossed tin boxes with lightening rod wire handles
  • Flat antique tin hearts
  • Steel swirl hearts
  • Metal hanging sailboats
  • Giant barn stars
  • Extra large antique embossed tin mirror
  • Antique embossed tin mirrors
  • Antique embossed tin scallop trees
  • Antique embossed tin vases
  • Barn roofing flat stars
  • Embossed tin ripped bags .
  • Embossed tin scallop trees
  • Hand Cut Outdoor Daisy Mirrors
  • Set of Two Barn Roofing Trees
  • Door Knob Coat Hook
  • Antique Embossed Ceiling Tin Arched Mirrors
  • Embossed Ceiling Tin Envelopes

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